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In this unit we're going to learn about air and water on Earth. 

All living things need this. We can't see it, but it's all around us. What is it?



All living things need water and air to live.

Water is found in many places in and around the Earth.
It's found in three states. 
Three stages song.
Most of the water on the Earth is saltwater, and only a little is freshwater.

FRESHWATER                                                                   SALTWATER
Rivers, lakes, icecaps and groundwater.                              Oceans and seas.
Reservoirs (man-made lakes)

Groundwater speed.

Plants can't grow without air. People and animals can't breathe without air. Air is found mainly in the atmosphere, which is the layer of gases that surround the Earth.

Air is all around us but we can't see it. 
Air is a mixture of gases.

You can't see air, but you can feel.

WATER and AIR have the same characteristics: they have no smell, no taste and no colours.


Air takes up space.

You can see this video.

Does air have weight?

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